Here at Gameyfi we have created some amazing HTML5 Banner templates, which can easily be reskinned and tweaked for your project.

With these templates you have confidence they will work on all modern browsers and with all types of Ad Servers.

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Banner Types

Gameyfi Carousel Unit

  • This unit is perfect for showcasing a range products, which will automatically switch until the user has interacted with the banner and it will leave the user in control of what they want to see.
  • We can track what is the most click product and adjust the banner to display the more popular products to be displayed first

Gameyfi Muti-Image Unit

  • The Gameyfi Muti-Image units works best when you have a range of products. The images will transition from one scene to another using the latest HTML5 animations, which you can choose.

Gameyfi Hotspot Unit

  • The Gameyfi Hotspot Unit is great for a product, which has multiple descriptions, in order to highlight all the aspects of the product.
  • The ad can auto-play to catch the users eye and then the user can take control at any point in order to see more information

Gameyfi Quiz/Questionnaire Unit

  • This unit is perfect for gathering information from a user in order to bring them to the correct location on your website.

Gameyfi Slider Unit

  • The Gameyfi Slider Unit is generally used to display rates or calculations for finance/insurance based companies.
  • This will be the user insight on your prices before they visit your website so there are on surprises.

Gameyfi Draggy Unit

  • The Gameyfi Draggy units is a fun unit which adds an extra level of interaction to a banner, It can be used as a competition entry mechanic, or to reveal a coupon numbers.

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